I make my living in the marketing world, and the one thing that very successful brands always make sure to do is LISTEN to their customers and remain flexible. Because, over time, tastes change and you have to change with them or you can quickly become irrelevant. And between the car companies and the newspapers we’ve seen first hand what happens when businesses are inflexible and not forward thinking.

Well GOP…you need to WAKE UP because you are about to lose an entire generation of voters.

And here’s a closer look at exactly how big the spread is when you look at specific ages…


I’ve heard many Republicans claim that we’re a center right nation and that voters get more conservative with age. Well, it looks like party ID has a lot more to do with who the President was when you started voting than anything else. Because if the “more conservative with age” theory were correct, we’d see descending graphs here, right?

Also, the fact that Dems have a 14+ point advantage over Republicans with Gen Y is CRAZY. I don’t remember any party having such a massive lead and look for that advantage to grow if Obama gets two terms and leaves the country in better shape then he found it…which is VERY likely.

This is why the GOP shouldn’t listen to folks like Mike Huckabee right now. Because he’s just plain wrong. Socially conservative policy can not unite the country, but fiscally conservative policy can. That should be the GOP’s bread and butter and it’ll be the only way they can win the Gen Yers back.

Oh, and you better have a plan for Generation Z too.

I’m just saying…

Politics Gallup Shows Why GOP Needs To Appeal To Gen Y