Remember that story yesterday which suggested that high level Edwards staffers knew about his affair and would sabotage the campaign if it looked like he was winning.

Well, via Twitter, former campaign manager Joe Trippi had this to say…

Complete BS — fantasyland – not true.

Here’s the thing…I want to believe Trippi, but what else would you say in this position? “Yeah, I knew, but I hung around to collect a pay check.”

Listen, it’s not that I think he’s lying, but this is the same guy who knew that Howard Dean never wanted his presidential campaign to go as far as it did. And yet they kept soldiering on despite that. Yeah, the times make the man, but if Dean wasn’t ready…they should’ve pulled back.

Either way, those who associated themselves with Edwards are winding up with egg on their faces. Unfortunate, but nobody said politics wasn’t messy.

Politics Joe Trippi Responds To Edwards Sabotage Story