Here’s the deal.  It’s LA the weekend before Memorial Day which equals a random hodgepodge of things as people don’t want to go too full blast as they prepare for next weekend.  That said there is a ton happening.  After all, it is LA.

Random Theatre: Getty Villa Theatre Lab (I know, who knew) is showing a New York Company production of Antigone.  (The words theatre lab and Antigone got my attention.)

At the NoHo Arts Theatre is an, “erotically charged staging” of Dracula also said to be “creepy and stylish.”  You know you are intrigued.

Did you know there was such a thing as California Impressionism?  Well there was, and you can see some of this style, as well as ‘contemporary-traditional fine arts’ at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.  It’s the Centennial anniversary of the California Arts Club and they are putting this on so go and support something in California hitting a milestone.

Shockingly there is other Centennial news (way to age LA!); the Santa Monica Pier turns 100.  On Saturday from 2-8pm there will be a free day of olden days activities to celebrate the anniversary, including a pancake juggler, hula hoop artist and a body bending contortionist.  There’s more to see so just go.  And tell me what you thought.  Jugglers make me nervous.

At the Acme Theatre the Los Angeles Comedy Festival ends this Sunday.  Who doesn’t want to laugh these days?!

As for music, which is one of the best things about Los Angeles, I suggest you just go and check out a band, even one you don’t know.  Why not?  There’s always Spaceland and Hotel Cafe (and NOT cuz John Mayer may get onstage unannounced), but I suggest Taix on Sunset in Echo Park.  Free bands, plus great space, plus people not trying too hard equal good times.

Lastly (for now), a fun show I wanted to tell you about is cancelled this weekend, so be patient and wait for that next week (yes, for those of you still in LA on Memorial Day weekend there are tons of cool things to do…be patient…all will be revealed..)

And there is always the beach, which you really should go to.  Come on, you are in Southern California.

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