I write this post after a night spent at the West Hollywood bar/restaurant (though we only indulged in the dancing part) celebrating a friend’s birthday. The goal was to dance the night away and have fun: mission accomplished.

The music was the usual mix of hip-hop and dance tunes (Kanye, Michael Jackson, Biggie,  MIA, the latest radio songs), so no surprises there…

As we were in a big group, and so had no need or real desire to meet other people, I think this was one reason for the success of our night. We were there to dance and have fun, but I think if we had other ambitions (meet people, see people) we would have been disappointed.

Bottom line is Foxtail is a great space (I never had to wait long for the bathroom all night! Score!) and fun tunes if you want to be with friends and dance. And who doesn’t want that sometimes?

Uncategorized Foxtail still perfect for dancing with friends in Hollywood