Some people are famous because they have a talent. This is enjoyable. Some people are famous for being famous. This is irritating and makes me want to drape rugs over my television.

For the last decade-plus, Joan Rivers has been a strange celebrity hybrid: a once well-known comedienne standing toe-to-toe with Johnny Carson… who turned into a Joker-faced peddlar on the Home Shopping Network.

(Ok, yes, her Red Carpet appearances had a certain delicious Schadenfreude.)

And then came “The Celebrity Apprentice” and Ms. Rivers’ viciously winning performance as an insane business woman who can’t get along with other type-A business women: she attacked her own daughter and compared one of America’s top female poker players to Hitler.

Sure, it might be her true personality… but who cares? It was hysterical and so, I believe, we are witness to the rebirth of Joan Rivers, comedienne.

Those wishing to see a famous person doing something for which they are deservedly famous should really head down to ComedyWorks South on June 27 to get in on the laughs.

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