Vaud and the VillainsI saw Vaud and his Villains a couple of months ago and had a blast in a way I hadn’t before at a live Los Angeles concert venue. It was a creative, fun show unique to anything I have ever seen – anywhere – that combined music and story and dance and vignettes. It was something I’d expect to see in New York City or some little club in Memphis. This band of Vaud and his Villains brings 30’s big hand performing to life in a tradition that makes me wish we could bring this back to the norm, or that I could go on the run with them to find the next speakeasy! Great music and fun times, you’ll be dancing in your seats and in the aisles when the show ends.

The band around Vaud (numbering around 16, on stage most of the time) has horns and strings and an accordion and percussion and pretty back up ladies that sing and dance, as well as a lead guy and the usual story for the fun and soul singing to take place around.

If you want to have a blast at a live concert experience, then check them out at one of their numerous shows around Los Angeles over the next few months. Some shows are free (like this Wednesday and next) and others are with other great groups, you can check out their website.

As they remind you, “Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future…Shhh!”

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