Have you ever spoken to a friend about a play, a sporting event or a concert you would like to see? That friend then tells you that he/she got 5th row center, your jaw drops and you ask, “How did you score those awesome seats?” Your friend replies, simply, “I got a guy.”

That is the motto of Gold Coast Tickets, located in Chicago. The ticket agency also boasts, “If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you!” And boy do they deliver.


Which one describes you?

  1. You love to get dolled up and spend a night at the theater.
  2. You don your favorite player’s jersey and head to the big game.
  3. You prepare for a night of singing and headbanging as you make your way to the venue.

If one (or even all three) of these descriptions applies to you, then Gold Coast  Tickets is your one-stop-shop to go to all the events you like.

By purchasing seats from Gold Coast Tickets, I have attended the following events:

  • the NHL Winter Classic hockey game at Wrigley Field, sitting about 20 rows up from the ice
  • two Blackhawks hockey playoff games, sitting in the 300-level for only $20 above face value
  • countless White Sox games, with seats being 10-15 rows up from the field

Located at 908 W. Madison in Chicago, Gold Coast Tickets also sells tickets to events all over the country! For example, would you like to sit behind home plate at the Metrodome in Minnesota for a Twins game in September? Seats five rows from the field are only $160 a piece!

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