The Hoboken International Film Festival , which begins on Friday, is one of the odder film festivals in the metropolitan area; it’s not even in Hoboken (a city that doesn’t happen to have a movie theater) but in the far less hip Teaneck, New Jersey. The festival, which runs through June 4th, includes O.B.A.M. NUDE, a “world premiere” film by festival organizer Ken Del Vecchio, which he has described as a story about a student from Occidental College who makes a pact with Satan to become President of the United States. “It comes from an overall concern than Barack Obama is attempting to turn our republic into a communist nation,” Del Vecchio told Hoboken Now
But an even odder offering is the program for Monday June 1 at 4 p.m., five television pilots whose descriptions on the festival Web site (two are reprinted below verbatim) spark one overarching question: Are these actual television pilots, or is this an Onion-like parody?
Directed by Daniel Joseph Dierker – New York
What happens when a Transvestite Muslim Extremist, a Gun Loving Christian Fundamentalist, a Fame hungry Jewish Radical Zionist, a Buddhist with an anger management problem, a basket case spell binding Wiccan, and a Kleptomaniac Lesbian Atheist all live together under one roof?
KINK, INC. – TV Pilot
Directed by Casey Clark – New York
Struggling to make ends meet for he and his fiancée, Josh answers a help wanted ad putting them both on the road to a career in ‘home domination,’ and thereby turning their basement into an S&M dungeon. Josh and Maria’s lost love is rekindled as they explore the playful sensuality of the training process, but they are ill prepared when a very real client arrives making dangerous demands of these S&M novices.
Most apt might be the title of a pilot described as “five struggling comics unexpectedly inherit a vacant comedy club.” It’s called Wit’s End.

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