Yes! The King of Pop is back in concert and the people (you!) are going crazy for him and for tickets – and for the cancellations that have recently been announced. (NOTE: we will not be talking about any of the investigations except those involving one Billie Jean)

And so you wanna know when the show is coming to town, right?! I mean, I’m writing about it in the LA blog so it must be coming to town right? Yes! Well, sort of. It’s coming to town, it’s just not going to be this town…or any town in America, at least, not so far. His string of drama plagued shows are still only playing in Merry Ole London, but know that I will happily break news of any other shows, stateside or not, if I get any. (It is kind of funny though that his schedule has day after day listed in the same city. For months.) Tickets are seriously expensive AND it’s London, so it’s a costly trip to see the king. But come on, if you can see the king of pop, you gotsta, right?

The reason I bring the MJ tour to the blog is because it is Michael and he should be mentioned on these pages as it’s a huge tour, even if he’s not playing here, but also because so many people are going to London for the show that these recent concert changes are big news for people here. Flights have been booked, hotels too, and all to be cancelled or re-arranged. All could stay normal and as scheduled with his concert plans, but it is Michael, so normal is probably not going to reign.

Stay tuned…

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