The outdoor patio and firepit at Studio SquareThe beer garden has been a major aspect of spring and summer in New York for as long as I can recall. However, Manhattan is usually too cramped for a serious beer garden, the kind of beer garden that ensures massive amounts of people indulging in wide scale consumption of beer, barbecue, and each other’s attention. Places like the Bohemian Beer Hall in Astoria, and the more recently opened Radegast Beer Hall in Williamsburg, have gained notoriety and love from residents and visitors alike. They are huge picnic areas, not entirely snazzy and clean, but great places nonetheless to spend a summer afternoon indulging in your favorite German brews. However, the new kid on the block is Studio Square, and they have come out full force with a slamming new beer garden the likes of which New York has never seen!

Studio Square opened its doors to thirsty crowds just recently, and of course I had to go check it out for myself! Lo and behold, what a pleasant surprise I found when I came wandering down from the N train. Of course one might think that when the other beer halls of NYC opened, they too were shiny and new, but Studio Square brings a whole new concept to beer halls – well designed and sleek.

The enormous outdoor patio boasts a large fire pit, albeit a predominantly decorative one, and the layout ensure wait staff can move around the besotted patrons quickly and efficiently. If you’re more the do it yourself type, you can attack one of the three large bars located throughout the venue, designed and place in a manner that ensures minimal wait time. With pitchers at $18 and liters at $13, you really can’t go wrong, and it’s always nice to see Belgian and American beers join the selection. And when your tummy starts rumbling, you can always check out their fantastic barbecue selection, which ranges from burgers and fries to schnitzel and spatzel. It is cash only for the time being, but given that entrees are around $8 and sides are at $3, you shouldn’t need to hit the ATM too hard before voyaging out on a lovely sunny day to enjoy this great new spot!

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