Hugh Hewitt is as right wing as they come and he’s basically raising the white flag.

From Town Hall:

Some on the right will want to use the occasion of President Obama’s first nomination to raise money through direct mail appeals, even though there is literally almost no way to stop Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation. Activists upset with the recharging of the liberal bloc on SCOTUS should send their money to the Senate campaigns of Rob Simmons in Connecticut, Rob Portman in Ohio, or Bob Beauprex in Colorado, should he declare.

Conservative interest groups should spare us the histrionics and work on increasing the number of Republicans in the upper chamber. President Obama will almost certainly have more SCOTUS appointments. Any hope of serious opposition to a nominee requires more Republican senators pure and simple.

No doubt folks like Limbaugh and Hannity will keep taking potshots, but barring anything embarrassing coming out about Sotomayor, she’s nearly a lock.

Politics Far Right Already Giving Up On Blocking Sotomayor