Photo by Alan Berner / The Seattle Times

Has it already been 20 years since Do the Right Thing? Man, time does fly. Jerry Large of the Seattle Times has a good interview with Spike Lee, who was in town to be honored by Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) for his many achievements in directing.

Jerry Large | Honoring Spike Lee, a film director who makes us look at what’s underneath | Seattle Times Newspaper.

My favorite Spike Lee film? I adore Crooklyn, which featured the great Alfre Woodard and a breakout role by Delroy Lindo.

Regarding the perception that Lee can be “prickly:”

Lee said he is done trying to wrestle with the public perception of him as prickly.

“I don’t even deal with that anymore, that’s 20 years, been old. I just try to do the work. I’m not worried about the image people have.”

Why? “I got older,” said the 52-year-old filmmaker.

“The films I’m trying to make,” he said, “are not necessarily about a popularity contest.”

Speaking of Crooklyn: Whatever happened to Zelda Harris?

Culture SIFF honors Spike Lee for groundbreaking career as director