Here’s how the numbers break out…

  • Votes approve 54/24 %
  • 22% undecided
  • Democrats support 81/3 %
  • Independents support 50/26 %
  • Republicans oppose 46/26 %
  • Men approve 48/31 %
  • Women approve 59/18 %

It’s pretty much a done deal at this point. The “racist” meme isn’t sticking and many Republicans are calling for their cage-rattling compatriots to cool it. So now it’s more about principled opposition and that won’t be enough to stop this appointment.

In fact, I get the sense that some of the moderate Republicans actually want to support this nomination because she’s actually incredibly qualified.

In other words, say hello to Justice Sotomayor.

But I still think Justices should have term limits of 16 years. I don’t think lifetime appointments are helpful or even appropriate in democracies. Convince me otherwise.

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