There are a wide range of amusements at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. As a kid, I remember waiting outside the huge wooden gates, longing for them to open so I could grab a greasy turkey leg and chow down while watching the jousting matches.

Colorado Renaissance Festival
Colorado Renaissance Festival

As an adult, one of my fondest memories is standing outside an “Apothecary Shoppe” inside the Festival and wondering just who frequented such a place when I became aware of a man and a woman standing near me dressed in Star Trek uniforms, talking into transponder units, describing the medieval culture they had discovered on the planet’s surface. The woman had Vulcan ears. The couple did not work for the Festival but were visitors such as myself.


So get thee down to Larkspur weekends through August 2nd. Enjoy the jousting, the sword swallowers, the comics, the dancers, the music and over 200 artisans in “shoppes” featuring fine art, glassblowing, pottery, jewelry, wood working, blacksmithing, leather working and more. Bring the kids.

And keep an eye out for the oddballs.

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