Cheese is a beautiful food – I made it pretty clear how much I love it when the Seattle Cheese Festival took place – and the finest examples of cheese are those that are handmade with love and care by artisans.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in the Pike Place Market – yes, the place where they make cheese and let you watch through the big glass windows – will be teaching a class all about cheese that makes me want to run out and stock up on lactose pills right now. Cheese 101: Introduction to Artisan Cheese will be held at Bennett’s Pure Food Bistro on Mercer Island. Bennett’s is a sister company to Beecher’s – I’ll tell you more about them later. The following is what you’ll get out of the class:

  • Learn to recognize different types of cheese
  • Explore the history of cheese
  • Take a virtual tour of the artisan cheesemaking process
  • Taste a wide array of American artisan cheeses
  • Savor cheeses in a variety of styles made with different milks
  • Participate in a fun, interactive cheese and wine pairing session

They have two classes coming up, the first on Wednesday, June 24 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. The second will be held on Wednesday, October 21. The cost for the class is $50 per person.

Bennett’s Pure Food Bistro, located at 7650 SE 27th Street on Mercer Island, is a restaurant that is devoted to offering fresh, organic, additive free food from local farms. The food is simply presented and the world famous Beecher’s Mac ‘n Cheese accompanies many dishes.

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