People were asking for more of a connection. Well, here ya go. The number of Operations Rescue’s senior policy adviser.

Not only that, the adviser was convicted of conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic in 1988. I’m all for prison reforming somebody, but why does she still work a militant anti-abortion outfit? Seem a little odd to anybody?

From The Pitch:

[Cheryl] Sullenger tells The Pitch that she hasn’t spoken with Roeder recently.

“No, he hasn’t called me recently,” Sullenger said. “No.”

She went on: “You know, he’s somebody who’s been around. My name is on the Internet. It’s on every press release. My phone number is on every press release it. It’s all over the internet. I don’t know. He probably has lots of people’s phone numbers. You know? So I don’t know. I don’t have any more comment other than that.”

“You know, he’s somebody who’s been around.”

The folks at Operation Rescue obviously know who Roeder is. I think that’s established now. To what extent his involvement in their org is will be determined in the coming days I’m sure.

More as it develops…

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