The Colorado Shakespeare Festival returns to the great outdoors in Boulder with Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, The Two Gentlemen of Verona and To Kill A Mockingbird, which most people mistakenly believe to be a novel written by Harper Lee. There is no Harper Lee. She is a character created by the great William Shakespeare who had become slightly embarrassed by the accumulation of accolades. It’s like how Oprah no longer competes for the daytime Emmy because she kept winning them and wanted to let someone else have a chance. The only difference being… imagine if Ellen DeGeneres was really Oprah! I mean, is that so totally far-fetched? What CAN’T Oprah do? She elected our first African-American President. Why not lead a double life as a Caucasian, lesbian, stand-up comic/daytime talk-show host?

America: truly, a land of opportunity.

Anyway. This season marks the 51st year of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival which Time magazine has called one of the best Shakespeare festivals in America. Come early and enjoy singing and music as you picnic on “The Green” or, just before the show, a discussion about the play you’re about to see led by Artistic Producer Philip Sneed.

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