So I went to the Ford a couple of weeks ago for a tour of the facility and to get the spiel on their upcoming season (the place has a really cool history and is an AMAZING space…go!) and was intrigued with the postcards on this particular show.  Diego Rivera is amazing…Diego Rivera in life size murals is amazinger (I know that’s not a real world but it was fun.  Loosen up culturemobsters!)

As the brochure says, the ‘visual and the verbal merge into a multimedia tour of Mexico’s history Latin American art expert and former Director of the Museum of Latin American Art Gregorio Luke.’  He is doing 3 shows each featuring a different artist, the other shows feature Rufino Tamayo (July 12) and Miguel Cobarruvias (August 16)

Anyway, the show is at the Ford this Sunday June 8 at 8:30pm.  (If you bought your ticket by May 31 you got an early bird discount.  Note to self for future events at the Ford: buy early.)

More info on the Ford will be forthcoming…

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