On every second Friday from May through October music, art and carnival sideshows collide during what might just be the best outdoor party in all of Philadelphia. You will experience a shape shifting variety show combining the darkness of an old time carnival with perversely hilarious Sci-fi comedy. Sword swallowing Clowns! Pain Proof freaks! Witness the bed of nails, rubber chicken time and the ladder of swords! Experience the new sights and sounds of “The Radarmen,” Costumed Electro Punk Alien Hybrids!

Carnivolution started out in South Philly, but moved on to The Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum in West Philly, where it has gained a huge following. Established in October 16, 1999 The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum celebrates the life and career of this renowned Philadelphia Artist. The complex includes a common courtyard decorated with sculptures and permanent murals. The Tiberino Museum encourages artistic awareness and a love of community and spirit. Carnivolution has been going on outside in the courtyard of the museum for going on five years, and it is the perfect atmosphere to contain it. It is the brain child of the Hydrogen Jukebox, a West Philly rocked band fronted by two brothers who are versed in the art of sideshow. One is a sword swallowing and fire breathing clown named Jellyboy, while the other is known as “The Impenetrable Matters Squidling” and is capable of laying on beds of nails and getting buried in glass. It’s part concert, and part sideshow that’s filled with all kinds of unbelievable stunts with just a tinge of burlesque, and it even manages to have room for a Perverted Puppet Show. it truly proves that seeing is believing!

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Culture Carnivolution – Vaudeville Carnival in The New Age of Technology