Picture it, San Francisco, 2009: You can’t sleep and there’s nothing to watch on TV. That is, until you stumble upon a “Golden Girls” rerun on Lifetime. Sure, you’ve seen this episode about 15 times, but it still makes you laugh. And you think, “The only thing that would make this better is if it were live and reenacted by drag queens.” Well, lucky you, because starting next week you can see exactly that!

No, really! From June 11 to June 26, catch Heklina, Pollo Del Mar, Matthew Martin and Cookie Dough as the fabulous foursome in two “Golden Girls” episodes. Remember, this is Pride Month, so both are queer-themed. (As if “The Golden Girls” starring drag queens wasn’t gay enough!) These shows are the perfect night out for fans of “The Golden Girls,” fans of drag, or fans of “Sex and the City”—which is really just a younger version of the ’80s classic, anyway.

All shows are at Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory. You can buy tickets there or in advance; check the Trannyshack site for information on RSVPing. All shows are $20, and on June 17, your ticket purchase will benefit charities—not that supporting your local drag queens isn’t a good enough cause on its own.

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