The interior bar of the 92Y Tribeca provides a great place to gather for a drink before the Closely Watched Films Series.
The interior bar of the 92Y Tribeca provides a great place to gather for a drink before a film.

The 92Y Tribeca has been home to numerous film festivals and other cultural activities as it burst on to the scene as new venue for film lovers and their friends.  As the smaller yet sleeker and sexier version of its uptown relative, it offers a beer and wine bar as well as a small cafe for patrons to enjoy before, during, or after events. Add in a hot gallery space, a lecture hall, and of course the very clutch screening room, and bring on the crowds to enjoy the 92Y Tribeca in full downtown splendor.

One of their recent offerings, spearheaded by Elliot Kalan, seeks to bring out some movies that have long been spirited away into the film school annals despite their classic status. Mr. Kalan seeks to bring viewers in not with the aim of a scholarly and analytical approach to viewing these classic films, but rather as a fun and innovative cinematic discussion. In his upcoming film series, Closely Watched Films, attendees are invited to sit back, relax, and then think for a bit as familiar films are re-explored.

While Mr. Kalan will be leading discussions and presenting analysis about these films, the Daily Show writer and comedian is seeking to bring out the fun side of films, including The Thin Man and The Devil and Daniel Webster. While these movies have been discussed and probably overanalyzed in many a Film 101 class at numerous institutions, some questions remain to be discussed. What genre does a film like The Devil and Daniel Webster belong in, anyway? What really does strain Nick and Nora’s relationship in The Thin Man? Don’t expect the answers here, just a fun chat and possibly some new insights.

With a cost of $12 a film, this provides New Yorkers with the opportunity to experience something better than simply going to the movies -this is a chance to discuss the film with other eloquent and interested viewers. Popcorn may not be provided, but the intellect and fun surely will be!

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