Backseat Conceptions at 941 Theater.
Backseat Conceptions at 941 Theater.

Ever since it first opened to showcase the 2008 Backseat Film Festival, 941 Theater has proven to be a unique artists space that has taken on all comers. And in it’s just over one year history it might just be the only place in Philadelphia to showcase first run feature films, concerts, craft fairs, dance parties, zombie theme events, and carnival sideshows.

The theater was started by Doug Sakmann, Zafer Ulkucu, and Nick Esposito, who are also the founders of their own movie production company, Backseat Conceptions. Backseat Conceptions started out as a production and promotions company with a major focus on live promotions, but as the years have past Backseat has expanded to cover all types of multi-media production and post-production. As a production company Backseat has created or has been a partner on 15 feature films, several TV Pilots as well as countless shorts, music, viral and industrial videos. They also have eight film festivals under the belt of achievements.

941 has always housed a lot of diversity, and it’s going to be no exception in the future. It’s going to be one of the major places to house movies during the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival this year. It also has a Hair Of The Dog Craft Series, and a few dance parties lined up in the immediate future. But they also offer plenty of ways to book your own party or event. So the possibilities can be endless.

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