If you’ve found yourself saying, “I need another local film festival like I need a hole in the head,” I’ve got two things to say to you. First, what are you talking about? Film festivals are awesome. And second, you need Another Hole in the Head! The annual sci-fi, horror, and fantasy film festival is a great way to expose yourself to some of the more off-the-wall cinematic offerings. The entries vary, but expect a fair share of blood and gore. That’s right, squeamish filmgoers: you might want to steer clear.

But for the rest of us, Another Hole in the Head is a gross-out dream come true. Just take a look at some of this year’s selections. How about “Black Devil Doll,” a film that combines the ol’ evil doll stand-by with racial politics? Then there’s “Detective Story” by Japanese horror director Takashi Miike. Fans of Miike know his movies don’t hold back, and this one promises “oddball humor alongside a rollicking gusher of blood, gore and wriggling maggots.” Yum. Personally, I’m looking forward to “Frat House Massacre,” because, well, it’s called “Frat House Massacre.” Two hours of campy carnage? I’m in.

Another Hole in the Head began on June 5, but you have until the 18th to get out there and see some truly twisted entertainment. Most films screen at the Roxie in the Mission—you can check the website for a full schedule. Have fun, bring a friend, and maybe don’t eat a heavy meal beforehand.

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