1.4 million people voted in The Times’ poll of the Top 200 Artists of the 20th Century and the minute the results were published, controversy ensued. Not like violent, knock you down, shut you up controversy, but considering that art is highly subjective, it’s no wonder that everyone has an opinion that differs with something on the list.

Diego Rivera is only #155? Shouldn’t Dali be in the top ten? Should Klimt be in the top ten? And on and on… Whatever you think, and keep in mind this list comes straight from the masses, and not the professionals and critics, it’s nice to know that there are many works by some of the top 200 artists right here in Seattle.

sugimotoGo to Gallery Level 3 in the Seattle Art Museum to see paintings by Claude Monet (#4 on the list) and Jackson Pollock (#7). On the same level you will find a photograph of Seattle’s Fifth Avenue Theater by Hiroshi Sugimoto, who ranked #200 on the list.

Of the most interest to me is that Louise Bourgeois ranked #70. She is the highly acclaimed 97 year old sculptor who designed the Father and Son fountain in the Olympic Sculpture Park and who donated the functional sculptures Eye Benches I, II, and III to the Sculpture Garden. Amazing what you can find on a walk through the city.

So what do you think? Does Picasso deserve #1? Anyone missing from this list? Let us know.

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