Wafels TruckNew York is frequently on the cutting culinary edge with new trends for dining. Rooftops, speak easy style bars, all of these have come and gone as the seasons have passed. Now, the latest trend is gaining full clout, and it’s on wheels! Food trucks may remind diners of Mister Softee, but there are many fantastic offerings out there. While many trucks are no-name taco, hot dog, pizza, and other uninspiring foods, a few stand out and are well worth tracking down and tasting!

One of the most famous famous trucks out there is Wafels and Dinges, a Belgian truck that makes its way all over the boroughs offering, well, waffles and other Belgian treats! You can follow their activity on Twitter, where they also provide little codes and tricks to get discounts and free toppings. Their bright yellow truck is often hard to miss, and their friendly faces are always well worth a trip for.

If you’re in the Brooklyn area, specifically Williamsburg, check out the Endless Summer Taco Truck. Typically located on the corner of Bedford and 6th, Endless Summer offers a vast variety of Tex-Mex in vegetarian, vegan, and plain ole yummy meat. They also offer catering, delivery, and free delivery, and at $2.50 a taco you really can’t go wrong. They might even be worth braving the L train for!

In the mood for some dumplings but not quite ready to make the trip down to Chinatown? No worries, the Rickshaw Dumpling truck offers you a variety of freshly steamed or fried dumplings with an equal variety of dipping sauces. With fillings ranging from duck to chicken to amazing mushrooms (although not so amazing that you’ll see things after consumption), you can also follow these guys on Twitter and know where to get your piping fresh dumplings at any time!

Finally, after a good meal, what could be more important than dessert? The correct answer is…nothing! Check out the Treats Truck, offering a vast selection of cookies and cakes that will appeal to any palette.  Available all around Manhattan and Brooklyn, the truck switches locations twice a day, so check the website for their schedule. You can also order ahead by phone or email and go by to pick up your delicious treats, making it possible to have a great stash of cookies and cakes all set up in your office or home.

Happy eats!

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