Yup, it’s summer!

Not that you could tell it from the chilly temps and gloomy sky, but luckily the summer tradition of movie screenings at the old Hollywood Cemetery has begun.  There’s no way you don’t want to see one of these below, but if the June gloom has you so down in the dumps, just wait til July (although the cool weather does make cuddling a fun option for this outdoor experience.  And it rarely rains in L.A. anyway.)

Note that although it says ‘donation price’ on the website for admission, you kinda have to pay it or they won’t let you in.  It’s worth the memorable experience, though, especially with a group of friends.  And do go all the way and stop and get some food and wine.  After all, when the thought dawns on you that you are in a graveyard, you may want the booze.

The gates open at 730pm.  The movie starts at 9pm. 

(Oh, and I recommend wearing covered shoes, the bathroom is a Port-o-Potty situation.  It’s not as bad as Woodstock, but it can be dirty.  It’s a Port-o-Potty.)

June 13th: Funny Face

June 20th: The Graduate

June 27th: East of Eden

6000 Santa Monica Blvd. at Gower.

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