In seventh grade I sang Barbra Streisand’s ‘The Way We Were’ at a school concert in front of a crowd of adoring and forgiving parents. I decided at that point to go out at the top of my game and haven’t soloed since. Which means, of course, that I’ve never sung karaoke.

Luckily (or not), millions of people do sing and love karaoke, and getting people to take over a microphone is never a problem. Even when the karaoke is backed up by a real, live band.

An article in the Seattle Times today, ‘Rockaraoke: 3 minutes in the spotlight’, highlights Rockaraoke night at the Snoqualmie Casino and a few other venues around the Puget Sound area. The Tulalip Casino has a Rockstar Live night.

Quoted in the article, George Aragon, the founder of the Rockaraoke band (it’s a trademarked name in case you’re getting ideas), says the bands play “with amateurs, wannabes, has-beens, never was…”

The article goes on:

“”Scary-aoke,” says Jay Phillips, a karaoke fan, host on 98.9 KWJZ-FM and occasional Rockaraoke participant.

But for people who love the limelight, it’s a siren song.

Until live-band karaoke, the only time most people could strut in a rock-star fantasy was in their heads or aided in their living rooms by a karaoke machine or video game like “Rock Band.” But this version of karaoke lets amateurs unleash their inner idol — with the help of a live band and in front of an actual audience — and revel in three minutes of fame.”

How many opportunities do you have to share a stage with a guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboards and even backup singers? Isn’t it time you took your karaoke to the next level? As for me…there are enough old musicians coming out of retirement to ride the current wave of nostalgic rock concerts already. I’ll sit this one out.

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