Book parodies are hit or miss: for every unfunny variation, there’s a pitch-perfect satire. San Francisco-based comedy group Kasper Hauser offers the latter. Their first book, “Sky Maul,” was a play on Sky Mall magazine—you know, that collection of hilariously unnecessary products you browse while you’re stuck on an airplane. Now Kasper Hauser has released two new books: “Weddings of the Times” (mocking those tacky wedding announcements) and “Obama’s Blackberry” (I think the title speaks for itself).

You could just pick up copies at your neighborhood independent bookstore—and hey, by all means. But if you head to Cobb’s Comedy Club on Tuesday you can attend Kasper Hauser’s book release show! A book release show? Is that anything like an album release show? Well, no, not really. Here’s what you can look forward to: live sketch performances of “Weddings of the Times” and “Obama’s Blackberry,” a Q&A, and a book signing.

Tickets are $15.50, which doesn’t include the books. Remember what I said about your local independent bookstores—they need your support! Er, but I digress. Cobb’s Comedy Club. Tuesday at 8 p.m. Put it in your Blackberry.

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