Numbers and accusations are flying fast and furious right now, but the following seem to be the most plausible I’ve seen so far.

Do note that the following has been pulled out of a VERY long post with a ton of updates, so the usual caveats apply.

From NIAC Insight:

We’ve been very hesitant to publicize any of the so-called “true” election results that have surfaced, since it’s the easiest thing in the world to make up numbers and plug them into a graph and present it as fact. But this comes from, where “an informed source” inside the Ministry of Interior’s Election HQ says

All 9 communiques of the MOI were written and planned in advance; numbers were faked via a software program which distributed vote counts among polling stations in such a way to make everything look plausible.

Supposedly, the initial results that the MOI announced were based only on the first 500,000 ballots received, and that set the rest of Friday’s events in motion. According to this site, the real results were:

  • Mousavi – 21.3 million (57.2%)
  • Ahmadinejad – 10.5 million (28%)
  • Rezai – 2.7 million (7.2%)
  • Karroubi – 2.2 million (6%)

Obviously, this should be taken with a huge grain of salt. But Mowj is the unofficial website for the Mousavi campaign, so we wanted to present it here for you to interpret yourself.

We may never know the true results, but I’ll share what I can find.

More as it develops…

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