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Third Annual NYC Food Film Festival Ready For Your Belly

New Yorkers gather at last year's food film festival in Long Island City.
New Yorkers gather at last year's food film festival in Long Island City.

Most New Yorkers enjoy a good movie. They also enjoy a good meal. So, the James Beard Foundation, along with Water Taxi Beach and a few other great sponsors, decided to combine the two into a gastronomic and cinematic hoopla that will leave your mouth and eyes watering. In a good way.  Ongoing until June 19th, the 2009 Food Film Festival is more than a few movies about food. Admission to all screenings is free, which is always nice in a recession, and depending on the schedule, some surprises are in order as well!

For example, tonight’s screening at Long Island City’s Water Taxi Beach includes a free meal, and what’s not to love about that? The free snacks and meals that are served throughout the festival are meant to complement the films, which is great because I don’t know about you, but once I see a film like Beef is Bueno (a documentary about Argentina’s beef industry), all I will want is a Motz burger! Specialty drinks are also being made available, prepared by master mixologist Marshall Altier, and will vary along with the cinematic displays.

While the films are free, there is a request that patrons bring along a can or two of food as a donation to the Food Bank for NYC. After all, while we have the luxury of enjoying films about food, some people out there have only dreams of it, so please do be sure to help out. It’ll make your free burger taste all that much better, I promise!