“Hi Mom, whatcha doing?”

“Writing a blog post.”

“About what?”

Collective Soul. They’re running a blog contest with some pretty cool prizes.”

“Like what?”

“Tickets to concerts, backstage passes, autographs, copies of the new album…”

“Aren’t you a little old for that kind of stuff?”

Ouch. Drive the knife a little deeper, why don’t you. Is it any wonder my Twitter name is @oneangrymother?

While my spawn understand in general terms that it’s a good idea to keep mom happy, they don’t understand the role that Collective Soul’s music has played over the years in helping keep me happy (and sane enough to raise two kids).

Collective Soul music has been playing in the background like a soundtrack to my life since the day 12 years ago when, as a newly divorced single mother, I dropped my kids off for their very first day of school. My son was going to attend Pre-K and my daughter was entering kindergarten. I walked out of the building after reluctantly handing them over to their teachers, and then sat in the parking lot in my car and cried while ‘The World I Know’ played on the radio.

Several years later when those previously sweet, adorable kids wallowed deep in the hellish vortex of adolescent hormones I often retreated to my bedroom and cranked the volume on ‘Counting the Days’ while both counting to ten to calm myself and counting the days until I would once more be parenting reasonable human beings.

These days, with my teens on the threshhold of the nest, I’m holding them back with one hand and reaching out for my own new future with the other, and ‘New Vibration’ is prominent in my playlist.

I also have time these days to do things like follow Collective Soul on Twitter and check the news section of the Collective Soul website to see if they’ll be coming to Seattle any time soon. Unfortunately, “any time soon” doesn’t include 2009. The closest to Seattle the 2009 tour gets is Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which leads me to why I only want to win third place in the blog contest. First and second place prizes include 2 tickets to a show, and first place awards backstage passes, all of which would be wasted on me since I can’t get to a Collective Soul concert. A trip to Coeur d’Alene or anywhere else on the tour list is just not part of the plan right now. I mean, do you know how much a 16 year old boy eats?

I’m not complaining. Truly. The new album ‘Rabbit’ is coming out in August and the single ‘Staring Down’ will be released tomorrow (Tuesday, June 16) on iTunes, so it’s already a big year and I’ve learned to be happy on much less. Of course, the third place prize of a copy of the new album, an autographed picture, and autographed drumsticks and guitar picks doesn’t count as “less.” In fact, if I win I think it would call for really pumping up the volume of ‘Better Now’ and doing my happy dance. Preferably without the teens watching.

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