As well he should. There’s no sense in agreeing to a recount of tainted votes. What they need is a new election, and they shouldn’t stop until they get it.

More from NY Times:

Speaking at Monday’s huge rally, Mr. Moussavi said he had written to the Guardian Council to complain about the election but had little hope of action from the panel because many of its members had supported Mr. Ahmadinejad ahead of the election.

“I believe annulling the election results would be the least harmful measure,” he said. “Otherwise people will no longer have confidence in the system and the government,” he said. But the Guardian Council rejected that demand, Reuters reported.

As if they had any confidence before? I mean, it’s pretty obvious that the democracy in this country is a sham since one guy calls all the shots.

And it doesn’t sound like they’ll even consider a new election…

“Based on the law, the demand of those candidates for the cancellation of the vote, this cannot be considered,” the spokesman, Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, a spokesman for the Guardian Council, told state television, Reuters said.

The difference between these protests and ones in the past is that we’re not just talking about students anymore. Now even clerics have joined the movement and are calling for new elections. So dismissals stateside of how ineffectual all of this will ultimately be is surprising to say the least, when this is what I thought everybody wanted to happen in the Middle East.

More as it develops…

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