I suppose it’s never too early to start talking about races in 2010, and this race presents many Dems with a problem. Support the moderate (yet aging) Specter because he switched parties, or back a young up and comer?

Regardless, it’s becoming obvious that Sestak will run in the Democratic primary…

Sestak has interviewed a number of people who would work for his statewide communications operation and online outreach effort, and has talked to candidates for his field operation, the Democrat says.

Meanwhile, three chief media consultants on Sestak’s 2006 and 2008 House races — J.J. Balaban, Doc Sweitzer, and Neil Oxman of the Philadelphia-based firm The Campaign Group — have signaled to Sestak that they’ll work for him if and when he enters the Senate primary.

“My colleagues and I were very pleased to help Joe defeat a longtime Republican in 2006, and we’d be happy to do so again in 2010,” Balaban told me, in a puckish reference to Specter.

Now, here’s the thing…Sestak could actually take this one because he’s not just a random politico. He’s actually a former Navy Vice Admiral and so his national security cred is literally second to none.

Regardless, he still has a significant hurdle to overcome because of Specter’s reputation and tenure. But if he can begin to peel away just a few endorsements, the mood could shift.

More as it develops…

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