irenefamilyNew York City is not exactly Las Vegas in terms of massive amounts of purely adult entertainment, but it can be a bit of a challenge in its own way. Additionally, with numerous tourist traps and wastes of money, it can be all too easy to wander into the wrong and most expensive place! So, what should the modern resident or tourist do? Here are some ideas to keep kids of all ages happy in the city as you get to enjoy it too!

The wee ones:

Check out the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, which offers activities and fun for kids of all ages, but is particularly appropriate for the younger ones. With special events and a great play room, you can enjoy and get some great photos too.

If the weather is nice, take your tots to the petting zoo in Central Park. Every wee one loves the goats and sheep that you can pet and feed, and the larger animals provide for plenty of amazement and fun. If you’re in the Queens area, Flushing Meadows Park also has a petting zoo of its own, which is often much less crowded than its Manhattan cousin, and isn’t far from a great little merry-go-round, an intrinsic part of childhood!

The medium ones:

The New York Hall of Science, conveniently located off the 7 train in Flushing, is well worth a trip with your more rambunctious and curious ones/ With hundreds of hands on exhibits, a seasonal playground, and cow’s eye dissections every few hours, you can have fun and make sure they’re experiencing something educational at the same time.

If you’re not in the mood to be blinded with science, head uptown to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, whose fresh and fun family series of children’s gallery talks has been gathering support and love for some time now. You can choose between guided tours, drawing sessions, and storytelling through art, and most events are included when you make a donation (which can be as little as $1 per person on a budget!). The activities are also broken down by recommended age group, making them ideal for everyone, really.

The ones too old to consider themselves kids:

There are always so many great shows going on in the city that it can be hard to choose! For some ideas on how to score the cheaper seats, check out the multitude of ideas here. One particular theater that is noteworthy is the New Victory Theater, which breaks down its performances based on age categories, and has a constant stream of circus performers, theater troupes, and puppet shows to entertain the most mature viewer (and a few great shows for your wee and medium ones too!).

Hop on the train and head over to Coney Island! Between the Cyclone, the original Nathan’s, and the fact that no one’s quite sure how much longer it will be around for, you’re guaranteed a good time as long as the weather cooperates. However, if it doesn’t, you can always wander over to the New York Aquarium and check out the indoor displays of aquatic beasts large and small.

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