If you are like us, waiting until the last minute to plan your fireworks viewing location and other July 4th activities, I thought this year it would be nice to plan it out a bit.   Rather than looking for high buildings at 9pm on the night of the fireworks show, below is a guide to firework viewing locations around Los Angeles.

I vote you head to the beach!   What is more American than the beach, friends and fireworks on July 4th? That said, there are a few places in particular that offer great viewings (that is, if you don’t have a friend with a beachfront house or one of those Santa Monica condos on Ocean.) 

The first is Malibu.  Obvious, yes, just pick any beach you want and snuggle up for the show, but if you head to Temescal Canyon Road just before the fireworks begin, all the cars stop on the street and everyone gets out of their car and watches.  It actually makes LA feel like a small town, and everyone is friendly and its really, well, holiday like.  Friendly. American!  This gets my vote!

Then there is the Hollywood Bowl.  A classic L.A. spot and one of the best fireworks shows in town, along with John Fogerty as the special guest…that’s pure America!  Cue the picnic blankets and baskets and gathering of people….it’s an American holiday.

The Marina Del Rey fireworks show is something I have heard about for years but haven’t personally seen (yes, its technically the beach, but its also kinda not.)  Some of my friends swear by it saying it’s the only and best show to see, so I mention it on the strength of their word.   A good spot around here is Chace Park.

There are also neighborhood displays in Hollywood, etc, and Long Beach and San Pedro have big shows, too.

The official Los Angeles Fireworks event list wont be out til June 26, so you have time to hear about more spots, but isn’t it good to start thinking about it?

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