Alan wrote yesterday about things heating up with North Korea, and nownuclear tensions are growing on the high seas…

The U.S. military is preparing for a possible intercept of a North Korean flagged ship suspected of proliferating weapons material in violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution passed last Friday, FOX News has learned.

The USS John McCain, a Navy destroyer, is positioning itself in case it gets orders to intercept the ship Kang Nam as soon as it leaves the vicinity off the coast of China, according to a senior U.S. defense official. The order to inderdict has not been given yet, but the ship is moving into the area.

“Permission has not been requested. Nor is it clear it will be,” a military source told FOX News. “This is a very delicate situation and no one is interested in precipitating a confrontation.”

Here’s the question…if this isn’t sanctioned by the White House, why are they moving into position? Is that protocol? Genuinely, I don’t know.

And to that point, how ironic is it that the ship is the USS John McCain?

More as it develops…

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