Hey all,

Just found out about this blog and it’s disturbing. Basically, Iranian authorities are using Blogger blogs to ID protestors so they can arrest them.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Visit the blog and at the very top there should be a button that says “Flag Blog.” Click that.
  • This will send you to a page that features a bunch of different selections to choose from. Choose “Hate Speech” and then click “Continue.”
  • Google will then ask if you really mean this and click that you want to “Continue.”
  • If enough of us do this, the blog will be taken down automatically once it hits a certain threshold of complaints.

This is just one small way you can do your part and help out the folks in Iran who are fighting for their freedom. And if you’re on Twitter, PLEASE tweet about this and encourage your followers to RT it with this message: HELP! Iran using Blogger blogs to ID protesters 4 arrest. Please flag this blog as “Hate Speech.” http://tr.im/pnpa (pls RT!)

More as it develops…

The blog has been removed!

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