This is even after election officials admitted that more votes came out of 50 cities than there were voters. Shameful stuff, but not much we can do at this point besides sit back and watch it all unfold.

From BBC:

Iran’s legislative body, the Guardian Council, has said there were no major polling irregularities in the 12 June election and ruled out an annulment.

Opposition supporters called for the vote to be set aside and the elections re-run amid claims of vote tampering. […]

Guardian Council spokesman Abbas Ali Kadkhoda’i said there was “no major fraud or breach in the election”.

Meanwhile, opposition candidate Mehdi Karoubi urged Iranians to mourn for dead protesters on Thursday.

That last bit is important because now it looks like there are only two things that could change Ahmadinejad’s win.

The first is revolution, and if the protesters keep showing up and the Iranian government keeps cracking down, people will die. Which, in turn, will make more people show up to mourn them and the cycle begins all over again.

The second is foreign interventionism, which is highly unlikely at this point given that there may be relatively little difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi if the mullahs are still running things. Also, who would lead that charge? The US? While we’re still highly committed to Iraq and upping our forces in Afghanistan? Not likely.

So, as with all revolutions, it’s up to the Iranian people to determine their own fate. As a country we can condemn the killings and encourage basic fairness, but the moment we begin to vocally foment revolution, we start to play an incredibly complicated game that has gotten this country into trouble time and time and time again.

More as it develops…

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