Everyone has been hit hard by tough economic times, including the high-class Northside Chicago neighborhood of Evanston. After 87 years of offering a free 4th of July celebration, the city has been forced to charge participants for the 2009 festivities.


Budget cuts and low funds are some of the reasons why Evanston needs help executing its fun-filled 4th of July celebration. The website is even asking for additional donations. The theme of the parade is “E Plurbius Evanston – Together We Are One.” Nothing spells “please give us your money” like a “cry for help” theme.

Have you ever thought about your own town’s fireworks display? I’ve viewed fireworks for free my entire life, and I never once thought about the possibility of being charged to see them, especially on Independence Day. Should Evanston have just charged paradegoers, since there will probably be more of them than actual participants? Leave us your comments!

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