I didn’t write about this before because it seemed odd, but there wasn’t a lot of there there.

Now there’s plenty.

From The State:

Gov. Mark Sanford admitted today that his secret trip to Argentina over Father’s Day weekend was to visit a woman he is having an affair with.

“I have developed a relationship with what started as a dear dear friend from Argentina. It began very innocently as I expect many of these things do, just casual email back and forth,” Sanford said. “But here recently this last year developed into something much more.”

Asked if Sanford was separated from his wife, he said “I don’t know how you want to define that. I”m here and she’s there. I guess in a formal sense we are not.”

Sanford said his wife has known about the affair and they have been working through it for the past five months. “What I did was wrong, period. End of story,” Sanford said.

Forget about Presidential aspirations…this guy will probably get booted as Governor since he was hanging out in Argentina on state time. Wow.

More as it develops…

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