Venue Spotlight is a weekly review of a music venue in the Bay Area, designed to help you separate the standouts from the less-than-stellar. This week I’m focusing on the Greek Theater—here are my five reasons for attending:

1. History. Oh, what did you expect? I always mention history in my venue spotlights, but the Greek Theater hasn’t just been host to a variety of musical events—the Dalai Lama and Teddy Roosevelt have also been there. Now that’s history!
2. Fresh air. The Greek is an amphitheater, which means you get all the fresh air you can take in. Kind of a bummer when you’re in black graduation robes on a summer day, but perfect for those warm summer nights.
3. Great view. And because the Greek Theater is an amphitheater, you can see from wherever you sit. OK, sure, sitting way high up might require binoculars, but still.
4. Student discounts. Sadly, this no longer applies to me. (Grumble, grumble.) However, if you’re a Berkeley student, you can get tickets to certain events at a cheaper price. Which is good, because you’re probably on a budget.
5. Seating options. There are the standard amphitheater seats, there are often folding chairs, and then there are these bizarre, throne-like seats. They don’t look very comfortable, but they’re pretty damn regal. I’m just saying—you’ve got choices.

Check the Another Planet website for a list of summer concerts. Remember to layer; Berkeley weather is notoriously unpredictable.

Community Venue Spotlight: 5 Reasons to Go to the Greek Theater