I’ve written quite a bit about the co-op option recently because it seems like a viable bipartisan solution.

Now it looks like the White House is signaling that they’re willing to forgo a government run, public plan and accept alternatives (like co-ops) to garner Republican support.

From Who Runs Gov:

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel met last night at the U.S. Capitol with Senate Democrats and told them Obama is “open to alternatives” to a new government insurance program in order to get legislation overhauling the health-care system to his desk, said Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota.

“His message was, it’s critical that you do this,” Conrad said.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus of Montana said Emanuel urged the senators to seek Republican support and didn’t discourage them from pursuing the use of non-profit cooperatives, an idea Conrad has proposed.

The story has been updated to say that Rahm didn’t suggest this, but I bet he did and I can understand why he didn’t want this to get out. This would be a quite a slap in the face to Congressional Dems, but I think the White House has to reign the health care debate back in because Pelosi has been managing it so poorly.

More as it develops…

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