Friday marks the beginning of one of the best events in the Windy City: the Taste of Chicago. There’s food, fun AND entertainment. But did you ever think you might cross paths with a famous athlete? Well, you just might!


While no team has announced which players they will be sending to the Taste, CultreMob does know which days are designated for each specific Chicago team:

Saturday, June 27: Bears (football)
Monday, June 29: Bulls (basketball)
Tuesday, June 30: Red Stars (women’s soccer)
Wednesday, July 1: Blackhawks (hockey)
Thursday, July 2: White Sox (baseball)
Friday, July 3: Machine (lacrosse)
Sunday, July 5: Fire (men’s soccer)

If you want to see some athletes, they’ll be at the Taste around noon. However, there are some discrepancies…

  • Where are the Cubs? or the Sky?
  • The White Sox will be out of town in Kansas City on July 2.
  • Many of the Hawks are home for the off season. Marty Havlat is all the way in Prague! Darn!
  • The Fire will have played the night before (against the Colorado Rapids). Will they feel like getting up?

Whatever happens, the Taste of Chicago promises to be a good time for all. And you may be able to see several athletes, which is always cool. The festivities begin tomorrow; a week goes by really fast, so make your way to Grant Park ASAP!

Sports Meet Chicago athletes at the Taste of Chicago in the Sports Pavilion...