It’s satisfying to be able to say you’ve been a fan of a band before they made it really big. That you saw them play little gigs in little bars; you have the CD that only sold 6,000 copies. I wish I could say that about Snow Patrol, but I can’t. Like so many others I only jumped on the bandwagon when ‘Eyes Open’ was released in 2006 and then worked my way backward through their music. And these boys really put in time:

“Now that the band have become feted as commercial giants – their last album Eyes Open was the UK’s best-seller of 2006, it’s worth remembering that Snow Patrol spent the 1990’s so broke that at one low point Lightbody had to sell his record collection to pay the rent.”

Of course, that’s all over with, and the band can expect to have packed concert venues wherever they go, including The Paramount Theatre on October 14. Tickets go on sale Saturday, June 27 for $32 in advance. You can really get an advance with the presale that starts Friday, June 26 at 10:00 am and ends that day at 5:00 pm. Radio stations are supplying the password – take your pick of “mountain” supplied by 103.7 The Mountain or “theend” offered by 107.7 The End.

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