Glenn Reynolds criticizes the media — and I completely agree with him:

A TV LOW POINT: Turned on the TV to see Geraldo interviewing Tommy Mottola about Michael Jackson’s death. In the background, footage of the body being delivered to the coroner’s office by helicopter. Glad to see Fox is keeping us up on what’s really important, the night before a big cap-and-trade vote in Congress, while revolution simmers in Iran, and people are trying to nationalize healthcare.

On the upside, Mark Sanford is probably pleased.

Andrew Sullivan foresaw it right away:

Michael Jackson: Cardiac Arrest?

That’s what TMZ is reporting. So cable coverage of Iran is now over.

I could have told you that as soon as I found out about his passing.

The way that I see it, the media (cable news in particular) are collectively akin to a three-year-old child. Anytime something new and shiny comes along, they become completely entranced by its presence — to the point of near-obsession. However, the enchantment lasts only a few news cycles (save for OJ, Chandra Levy and perhaps that blonde girl who went missing in Aruba) and then the fickle media throws down their metaphorical toy and starts whining for something newer, better and — if possible — sexier.

Call it what you want. I call it sad — especially when you have a humanitarian issue such as Iran right in front of you. Sexy it is not, but important it definitely is.

Don’t get me wrong, I am distraught by the passing of The King Of Pop — I just fear that other very important stories will now be buried by the wall-to-wall coverage of Michael Jackson.

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