Do you know how I know that summer is here? It isn’t the weather or the longer days or kids out of school. It’s the Greenwood Car Show that kicks off summer for me.

There’s nothing like blocks and blocks of hot rods, Model T’s, muscle cars, funky little electric cars, old Woody Wagons, vintage Harleys, Corvettes, and rows of cars straight out of American Graffiti to herald summer. Add music, food and Greenwood Avenue filled with pedestrians taking in the sights from 72nd Street to 87th Street and it’s damn near ideal.

The 17th annual Greenwood Car Show runs Saturday, June 27 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and of course it’s completely free. They will be accepting non-perishable food items for the Greenwood Food Bank, however, so think about bringing a can or two as your “entrance fee.”


“The Greenwood Car Show is the “granddaddy” of Seattle collector car shows hosting over 500 cars and 20,000 spectators on Greenwood Avenue in north Seattle. Founded by a small group of car guys who paved the way for more and more car enthusiasts to spend a wonderful Saturday enjoying their passion and hobby, the Greenwood Car Show has grown to be a community wide event for families and car enthusiasts from as far away as Spokane, Oregon and British Columbia… Also, this year, the car show will be nationally televised on Lance Lambert’s The Vintage Vehicle Show.”

This is also, hands down, the friendliest festival in the Northwest, because the people who own those incredible vehicles love to talk about them. Who could blame them?

Community The Greenwood Car Show 2009 kicks off summer in Seattle