Since it’s major goal is to help promote all forms of sustainability, GreenFest prides itself on being a festival for the future. During last years one-day street fair, over 200 exhibitors and 25,000 people attended the area’s largest environmental event. But since the fest featured things like an Eco Exchange Fashion Show & Clothing Swap, a Food Symposium, and an Eco-Film Forum can you really blame them? But the good news is that the fest also plans on topping themselves on September 13th. Because the major theme for this year is going to be sustainable food!

Highlighting everything from ORGANIC to BUYING LOCALLY to having a vegetarian or FREE-RANGE diet, this year’s event will allow us to educate others on the importance of supporting our local farmers’ markets as well as how to make more conscious decisions at the grocery store. Come and try some of the eco-friendly foods available and learn about the impact our food choices have on the environment. Find out how easy it is for you to grow your own food- even if you are living in a studio apartment in Center City! Come and learn the truth about food from the green leaders in the Organic Food Industry at our Food Symposium.

From 11am-6pm 2nd & South Streets will be filled with all kinds of fun activities that are dedicated to better sustainability. And since there are still plenty of chances to sign up as one of the vendors, or to be a vulunteer, you have a chance to get involved in a big way. So hop on the website for details.

GreenFest Philly

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