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Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition on July 4th!

Last year's champion: Joey Chestnut
Last year's champion: Joey Chestnut

While July 4th is generally associated with fireworks and the anniversary of the freedom of this country, it also has another association – the newly minted sport of competitive eating. Nothing celebrates America’s independence like a hot dog eating contest, especially one the likes of this one in Coney Island. Hosted at the original Nathan’s location, last year’s champion, Joey Chestnut, will attempt to keep his title of hot dog eating champion at noon. At the blow of a whistle, twenty brave competitors will attempt to force as many hot dogs as possible down their gullets in an attempt to defeat him.

Beginning at noon, and free for your viewing pleasure, the Hot Dog Eating Competition provides a break in the hottest part of the day if you’re enjoying the beach. So, go forth, enjoy, and celebrate gluttony in the form of competitive eating this July 4th! Not in the mood this July 4th? The competition actually runs all year round, so check out the schedule to see if there’s one near you at another time.