Since deep down inside I’m a 14-year-old boy, anything with the word “hump” in it will get my attention. So you can imagine my luck when I found out about a new independent film coming out in July called Humpday. I was lucky enough to be invited to a screening of the movie the other night, and despite the quirky plot and title, I was able to witness one of the funniest and freshest movies I’ve seen all year.

The movie revolves around two friends, Ben and Andrew, who haven’t seen much of each other since their close friendship in college. One is living a bohemian lifestyle on the road; the other is savoring married life. During a drunken party, one conversation revolves around a homemade porn film festival in Seattle called Humpfest. The idea is born that the two friends should have sex on camera, because there is a lot of gay porn but no films of straight guys having sex. As sobriety sets in, egos and stereotypical macho mannerisms come into play, and the guys decide to go forth with the ludicrous idea from the night before.

Humpday could have taken on a completely different tone, leaning towards camp and absurd, but instead the film delivers an organic and believable exploration of sex, relationships, and life. Director Lynn Shelton explores the difference in the bond between men and women, and how sometimes the ridiculous hurdles in life we jump are actually masking truths we don’t want to admit to ourselves.

Humpday opens nationwide July 10, and hits theatres in Chicago July 24th at Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema.

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