With all due apologies to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, some of the best dinosaurs you’re going to find around Denver these days are located in the Jurassic Gardens portion of the Denver Botanic Gardens. Now through September 30th at both the York Street and Chatfield locations, you can see life-sized, very realistic-looking creatures from the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods of the Mesozoic Era. Also, as befitting the surroundings, there will be displays about prehistoric plants and their modern-day equivalents.

For kids looking to get down-and-dirty, the Jurassic Gardens dinosaur dig site should be at the top of the agenda, along with the giant prehistoric bugs (at Chatfield). Your cockroach problems gain a new perspective when you see the 10-foot sea scorpion.

And on September 10th, a related program about the Galapagos Islands and evolution sounds interesting: “Darwin’s Galapagos: Garden of Eden or Hell on Earth?” Professor Dean Saitta from the University of Denver’s Anthropology department will discuss the work done on the islands by Darwin and the conflicting viewpoints about what it means. The discussion will also include human evolution and how much of Darwin’s theories have thus far been verified.

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